Karl J. Ahlrichs – Thought Leader in Human Capital | For LEAN Audiences - Karl J. Ahlrichs - Thought Leader in Human Capital
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For LEAN Audiences

Karl’s focus is on aligning people practices with LEAN to produce bottom-line results—Leadership, Communication and Managing Change.

Each of these topics can be a Keynote, a Concurrent, or a Workshop.

Thinking INSIDE the Box – Working With CFOs
Themes: Strategy, Aligning LEAN with Organizational Strategy, Communication Challenges

Me vs. You vs. Them – Managing across Multiple Generations in LEAN Cultures
Themes: How we are alike, not different, new data on the generations, how to manage in a LEAN culture

Luck as a Competitive Advantage – Find and Hire Fortunate People
Themes – Hiring, Retention, Behavior and looking at the workforce from a different viewpoint.

LEAN Success vs. LEAN Failure – Changing the Culture within an Organization
Themes: Identifying the Ideal Employee, Key Supervisory Skills, Why Plans Fail

The New Definition of Leadership in a “Not Normal” World
Theme: Building leadership at all levels, Setting high standards, Personal “Branding”

Hiring Smart – Aligning Applicants with LEAN Values
Themes: Sourcing and Staffing “LEAN” advocates, Psychometric Assessments, Applying LEAN theory to hiring

Great Ideas Are Not Enough – Communicating LEAN Up and Down the Organization
Themes: Listening as the single most important skill, Understanding the audience, Presentation skills