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For CPA Audiences


Uncommon Sense:

The “Soft Side” of Finance – Human Capital
Themes: Trends, Leadership, New Processess

strong>CFOs versus HR – Thinking Inside the Box
Themes: Mindset of HR vs. CFO, Communication Skills

Secret CPA Strategies for Surviving a Strange Economy
Themes: Thinking Styles, Sustainability, Human Capital issues, Communications

Uncommon Sense – Why Finance and Human Capital Don’t Get Along
Themes: CFO thinking styles, HR thinking styles, communication skills

Perfect Storms and Hard Choices – The 3 issues to watch out for in 2014
Themes: Future trends, building a sustainable high performing culture


Why CPAs Don’t Trust Wellness – and Secretly Love Health Insurance Reform
Themes: CPA thinking, Why Wellness Fails or Succeeds, Communication

Public Presentation Skills – Next Steps for Modern Professionals
Themes: The new rules of public presentation for CPAs

Motivating High Performance Without Budget Money
Themes: Engagement, Retention, Motivation

A New Take on the Generations
Themes: New data on the generations, Generational Similarities

Managing Change
Themes: Dealing with the personal impact of change, tools for adapting to a more demanding world

Applying “Lean” Thinking to Making Employees Your Competitive Advantage
Themes: LEAN theory, engagement and retention, Performance management

You Did WHAT? Things your HR and Legal Experts Wish You Knew
Themes: Human Capital case studies and live Q&A on HR topics

Hire the Lucky Ones – How to Improve Retention and Productivity by Selecting Fortunate Employees
Themes: Fortunate Behavior, Hiring and Management practices

Finally Fixing Performance Management Using New Tools
Themes: Performance Management, “Next Steps” in sustainability, High Performing Cultures

Beyond the Buzzwords with Hiring: Fix the Way Your Organization Hires
Themes: How hiring processes have changes, how to select a high performing workforce

The Luck Factor – Find Fortunate People
Themes – Hiring, Retention, Behavior and looking at the workforce from a different viewpoint.

Personal Branding in a “Not Normal” World
Themes: Communication, Marketing and Branding, applied to individual careers

What Do You Really Mean By Value? A Concise, Entertaining Guide to Defining Value for Professionals
Themes: Personal Beliefs, Selling Value, Understanding the big picture