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Speaking Topics

Modern Lessons of the Donner Party—Risk, Rewards and Cannibalism

Themes: leadership, overcoming adversity, managing risk

Simply put, the Donner Party of 1846 was a failed business project, and many of the wagon team’s problems apply to modern life.  The goal was to reach California and secure the payoffs.  As is true today, this “project team” was made of ordinary people trapped in extraordinary circumstances.  Easily adapted to specific audiences, this presentation weaves the gripping tale of the ill-fated wagon train with clear lessons for modern organizations distilled from the embers of the tragedy.  A direct descendant of party leader George Donner, Karl has conducted significant research, including retracing the path of the wagon train and documenting the trail with his award-winning photography.


Thinking Inside the Box – Working with CFOs

Themes: HR and CFO Communication Strategies, Metrics

As HR becomes Human Capital, your boss is more likely to be the CFO.  Do you speak their language? In this fast-paced session, Karl examines current CFO perceptions of HR, and translates them into “best practices” for the future.  Karl is both an HR person and host of a CFO peer group. Karl’s presentation is focused on three areas:  A quick review of the “real life” world of the CFO, a view of the world and the workforce through the eyes of a CFO, and a list of “best practices” that work effectively in communicating with (and gaining the trust of) a CFO.


Great Ideas Aren’t Enough—Selling HR Ideas to an Indifferent World

Themes: Understanding internal customers, applying sales & marketing to other disciplines

Today’s HR professional needs all the skills of a company COO – operations, employee relations, compensation and benefits, finance,  …and marketing.  To sell new practices up and down the corporate pyramid, you need to learn practical strategies to motivate others to change, and to market your ideas to a complex and often indifferent clientele.  This fast-paced talk offers a proven framework that separates internal client departments into four types based on their values, then gives a concise explanation of how to best interact with each type.  This session will then review proven marketing techniques that apply to your needs, and teach some core sales practices that effectively sell concepts.


Reducing the Risk of Corporate Politics

Themes: communication, productivity, leadership

“Politics” usually means something dirty or underhanded.  Just say the words “Office Politics”, and you sense the disdain.  Nobody exists in an atmosphere where everyone agrees. In this presentation, politics is defined as the art of trying to accomplish things within organizations.  We all compete for schedules, projects, money and training. This presentation teaches you to be better communicators and better corporate politicians.


Future Trends – The Problem Will Be Men

Theme:  workplace trends, current events

There is a trend in the workforce: the growing social problem of undereducated, unmarried, unemployed men.  By all measures, boys are doing worse than girls at every age in elementary and high school.  Women dominate the jobs that are growing, while men, especially those with the least education, are in jobs that are declining.  Men do not necessarily adopt “social behavior” when left to themselves.  In this presentation, you will learn where the trends may take us, and what actions should be taken to reduce the growing crisis of men as a social problem.


The New Definition of Leadership

Theme: personal “branding”, building leadership at all levels, keeping high standards

Simply put, leadership is at the core of the issues on our collective front burners. At the same time, the new workforce has shorter attention spans and higher standards, and the leadership model must change to reflect this faster world. Karl shares how good leadership is the “silver bullet” for today’s workplace issues, and gives “real-life” examples of how to grow a leadership culture in any organization.  Very thought-provoking.